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59S UVC LED Sterilizer Wand X5
  • $159.99
  • $139.99
59S UVC LED Sterilizer Bag P55(Pro)
  • $199.99
59S UVC LED Sterilizer For Household Equipment S2
  • $89.99
SUNUV 2-in-1 UV LED Sterilizer & Nail Dryer SUN15
  • $29.99
59S UVC LED Sterilizer Bag P55(Pro) For Household Equipment
  • $199.99
59S Baby Bottles UVC LED Sterilizer Box T5
  • From $299.99
59S Professional UVC LED Mini Sterilizer X1
  • $79.99
  • $49.99
59S UVC Mini Sterilizer Box S6 For Baby Pacifier
  • $39.90
  • $35.99

Product Validity Experiment

59S UVC LED Light Sterilization. The measured experiment video of 59S' products proves how to sterilizer bacteria effectively and safely.


Great Lightweight UVC Sterilizer. I love this UVC sterilizer! I bought this for everyone at work to use to sanitize our mask and phones since we have to wear them in all patient care areas.


Works! Burn germs with UV light! It extremely fast delivery and in good package, I purchase it on Apr.1 and get it on Apr.4 with Amazon prime. I searched for much of informations before purchasing this product.


An absolutely excellent UVC disinfecting box! This disinfection box is excellent. It has 24 LEDs, 12 on top and 12 on bottom. Also has a metal rack to elevate items placed inside and allow for both sides to be sanitized at the same time.

Natalia Anderson

59S' Award